Tomscoll Questioned Over Cocoa Project Funds

Minister for Agriculture and Livestock Tommy Tomscoll was questioned over why he gave preference to a district of anther minister in making funds available.

Mr. Simon, raisedthe question in parliamentofor what he described as being overlooked bythe Minister for Agriculture and Livestock.

He said his district had delivered a letter for funding and was surprised when Minister Tomscoll visited Yangoru-Saussia recently for a cocoa rehabilitation program.

He refuted media reports about Yangoru beingthe lead cocoa producer in East Sepik.

Minister Tomscoll repllied stating that East Sepik Province was currentlythe lead cocoa producing and exporting province.

All in allPNG produces 14, 000 tonnes of cocoa annually and East Sepik produces one-third ofthe total production.

The allocation of Seven Million kina for a cocoa rehabilitation program in 2014’s budget will be rolled out in all cocoa-producing districts.

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