Tok Piksa Episode – 4, 2014

In this episode:


Tonight we feature Milne Bay Governor Titus Philemon, and his plans to move Milne Bay province into more sustainable settings of reliable infrastructure, stronger health and education focus, and solid partnerships with churches, to realising tangible, and progressive development…

Late last year, the province held it's annual Kenu and Kundu Festival.

It's a festival that has grown to become one of the most successful annual cultural events in the province's history.


In the same week, the province played host to a major tourist cruise liner, forecasting more positive development in the province's tourism industry…


But Governor Philemon, though optimistic of this development in tourism, is grounded and determined to ensure that basic service delivery is realised, and sustained, for his people of Milne Bay.


Provincial plans need the support of all stakeholders in our provinces.

Successful implementation of these plans requires commitment, not only by the provincial governor, but all open members, and non-government players.


Governor Philemon is mindful of nurturing what is already being seen as strong commitment by his open members, and the realisation, that he also needs the support of the churches in his province.


Tourism has always been a draw card for Milne Bay, and despite having new ideas to implement the province's development plans in this sector, Milne Bay Governor Titus Philemon, has shown that where there have been good, working policies in place, it is better to let them continue, with a  focus on strengthening other areas of development.

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