Tok Piksa Episode – 3, 2014

In this Episode:


Like many districts today, Kagua Erave, in the Southern Highlands province, is remote and isolated.

The people in the district are struggling to cope with what remains of long-established, but neglected, government infrastructure.


Many people in the district say successive governments have ignored them.

Health, education and infrastructure have deteriorated.


The struggle the people in the Kagua Erave district are facing is demonstrated at the Kagua Health Center and Secondary School.  


But the people, and even government workers and teachers, have come to realize that living and working in deteriorated homes, or classrooms, is normal.


The area has no electricity, and the district office is being manned, allegedly, by unqualified people.


Law and order is also becoming a major challenge in the district. Police officers stationed in Kagua are outnumbered.


Currently, four police officers are maintaining law and order in the district, and they struggle daily to maintain law and order in the district with the help of local leaders.


This Tok Piksa story, portrays the distant relationship between the government and the people.


A relationship that is commonly accepted today as the norm in some of our rural communities.

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