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September 22, 2021
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Tkatchenko Gives Insight on 2017 Sports Budget

Sports Minster, Justin Tkatchenko, yesterday highlighted the 2017 sports budget.

A fair potion of the budget is being allocated on sporting infrastructure in the nation’s capital.

The total budget for all the facilities, including the two new stadiums, is at K15 million.

Tkatchenko told EMTV Sports that his ministry had received a fairly tight, but reasonable budget for sports, especially when they have to maintain all the sports infrastructure and ensuring the facilities are maintained and looked after.

K10 million is allocated for the completion of the Sir Hubert Murray Stadium; as well as K6 million for the construction of the high performance training centre.

He further stated that it is a reasonably good budget under current circumstances where the country is feeling the effects of low commodity prices.

The minister said the sports expenditure in human resources to learn quality skills and knowledge to manage and run the facilities, was a priceless investment. And this, he said, should not be criticised.

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