Tkatchenko Condemns Killing of Chinese Family

Minister for Sport and National Events Justin Tkatchenko has condemnedthe killing ofthe Chinese family that happened on Monday night in his Moresby South electorate.

Tkatchenko was clearly infuriated bythe killing and saidthese sorts of senseless killings had to be stopped.

He said it wasthe inhumane actions like this that bring on calls for tougher punishments likethe death penalty.

The way thatthese four Chinese nationals were killed is an absolute disgrace and I know why now we neededthe death penalty in PNG No one, no matter who you are a Papua New Guinea or a Asian or whatever deserves to be treated in such a way, said Tkatchenko.

At a media conference yesterday, NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Andy Bewa said investigations had commenced to findthe suspects.

“We are opening our investigations for any forms of information’s to come through and we will filter,” said Bewa.

Tkatchenko said he would backthe investigations to see justice served.

“I’ll be personally working withthe police to ensure those that have committed this barbaric crime are caught and thatthe full force ofthe law is put againstthem, said Tkatchenko.

He was adamant that despite efforts to shoPNG as an attractive investment and tourist destinations, incidents likethe killings will continue to paint a bad picture oPNG inthe international media.

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