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Three Morobe Districts Receive Half a Million Kina Each in Infrastructure Grants

By Julie Badui-Owa – EMTV News, Lae

Three Morobe districts received a cheque of half a million kina each on Friday July 6, from the Morobe Provincial Government, to help improve road infrastructure in each district.

The Provincial Administration allocated the money from its Internal Revenue Income.

Morobe Governor Ginson Saonu said the Provincial Government will soon sign an MoU with all 9 districts, to help fund developments in the electorates.

The first three districts in Morobe to receive their cheques for infrastructure grants were Tewai-Siasi, Menyamya and Markham District.

Each of the district received five hundred thousand kina for road infrastructure development. An additional one hundred thousand kina was given to Tewai-Siasi District to develop its airstrip, and another ten thousand kina to Menyamya to maintain the airstrip in the district.

Member for Tewai-Siasi, Dr. Kobby Bomareo said roads have always been a “concern of importance” in the District.

With the new partnership program, the District Authority will help counter-fund the five hundred thousand kina, to improve roads in the district.

Meanwhile, Markham District MP Konie Iguan said that the half-a-million kina given to the district today, will be used for development projects.

Menyamya MP Thomas Pelika, urged all public servants of his district to put the money to good use and develop the district.

The Morobe Provincial Government and the Provincial Administration will continue to support the districts.

According to the Morobe Governor, the other 6 districts will also receive their shares.

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