The Kodiak Christmas miracle

The next Kodiak will be on its way to Papua New Guinea soon—with an amazing story to tell.

Aircraft are a vital part of the language development and translation effort here in PNG. Without reliable and safe air travel, translators could not come and go to the remote areas of PNG without significant challenges and delays. The Kodiak aeroplane was designed and built to fly to out-of-the-way airstrips under difficult conditions.

Currently three Kodiak aeroplanes fly in Papua New Guinea with SIL Aviation. A fourth Kodiak aeroplane was on order, anticipating delivery in late 2014. Earlier this month, Quest Aircraft Company, the manufacturer of the aircraft, had a change of order and contacted JAARS that a new Kodiak aeroplane was available immediately. Miraculously, through the generosity of God’s people, twelve days later the plane was purchased enabling PNG to receive this plane two years earlier than expected.

JAARS is an organisation that invests in practical ways through day-to-day support in order to make language development and translation possible throughout the world. JAARS administrated and procured the aircraft. JAARS worked with Quest Aircraft Company on the price and features, so that it will match the aviation needs of language workers in Papua New Guinea. Wycliffe Associates, a significant supporter of the language development and translation process here in PNG, was instrumental in the purchase.

Many people around the world were praying for this plane to come to Papua New Guinea, and now a Christmas miracle story can be told. This Kodiak “Christmas Gift” will be used to impact hundreds of communities in Papua New Guinea who still don't have the written Word in their own language. Arrival of the new Kodiak aeroplane is scheduled for some time in mid-2013.

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