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March 6, 2021

The Extraordinary Art of a Simple Chalk

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By Juanita Nonwo – EM TV Online

From school black boards to public walkways, chalks have taken art to another level.

Talented artists all over the world such as American artist Kurt Wenner, and Julian Beever, an English, Belgium-based chalk artist have taken this opportunity to combine their creative abilities to make an everyday boring sidewalk into an artistic display.

Sidewalk chalk drawing, as it is commonly called or 3-D chalk art, is really something admirable.

Whether or not you have seen this form of art in real life, there is one place that you will find countless images of these amazing drawings no matter where you are – the internet.

From simple 2-D drawings to mind-playing, optical illusions of 3-D images; among other terms, these images are also known as pavement art, sidewalk art, street painting, 3-D pavement art, or anamorphic street painting.

The history of this fascinating art goes as far as the 16th century where Italian artists known as “madonnari” were known for creating images of the Madonna from chalks; and they made a living out of this talent where people tossed coins to them while they drew.

The main trick behind seeing these art come to life is by viewing these images from a certain view.

For example, take a look at the image below of Julian Beever’s giant snail, it looks like a broken painting;

Julian Beever’s Giant Snail art viewed from the wrong angle.

But when you stand at the correct spot, the image really stands out – you don’t even need a 3D glass to see the effects! 

Julian Beever’s Giant Snail art viewed from the correct angle.

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