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January 27, 2021
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The Croods: A Film Review

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Eve is nothing like her fther. She is adventurous, curious and wants to try new things. Eve’s fther has a personal mantra: Never not be afraid. He believes it is his job to keep his family alive,hellip; andthe only way to do this is to never be curious and never have new ideas.

Set inthe stoneage period,the Croods are a family of cavemen with very little idea ofthe world outside oftheir small, dark but safe cave. One night asthe Croods lay asleep in heap (for warmth, I guess) ontheir cave floor, Eve sees a something she has never seen before and follows it to find a boy named Guy.

Guy is on a mission to go to a place wherethere are two suns in order to avoid getting killed by force that is causingthe end ofthe world.

Soon Eve’s family is left homeless by this mysterious, yet terrifying force. Guy is full of knowledge aboutthe outside world and an enigma to Eve and her family, who soon start to trust his judgment for survival overtheir fther husband and son-in-law.

The movietheatre I was in early this week, full of children and adults, echoed withthe laughter atthe antics ofthe Croods being regular…. well, primitives. A 3D cartoon comedy, this is a family movie .that everyone will enjoy watching about a family who work as a unit to get through problems by trusting and followingtheir team leader.

I believe thatthe impllied moral ofthe story was that families are importantoand that everyone insidethe family unit’serves a special purpose that onlythey can achieve. Never take your family members for granted.

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