The Chef and His Better Half

At work, chef Nikhil Chib is unmatched. He’s smart, he’s funny, and he knows his way around the kitchen like the back of his hand.

At home, there’s a little hitch. Natasha may be the quiet one, but she’s not used to playing second fiddle to anyone. Least of all to her own husband! He may be a master chef, but she’s his better half. Needless to say, with the fire burning and the chemistry crackling there’s much more cooking than just exotic food.

They spar, they joke, and they share experiences, all the while cooking up the most delectable Asian selections ranging from Vietnamese to Thai to Japanese cuisines. Expect an occasional French dessert thrown in for relief but mostly with an unexpected Asian twist!

Nationally, our theme for today is: “Stop Gender-Based Violence, Reduce HIV/AIDS.”

In PNG, 2012 estimates show that 25,000 people were living with HIV. 22,000 of them adults, and 3,000… Children.

2013 estimates indicate theat while screening and testing availability has improved, there is still a tangible presence of stigma associated with HIV/AIDS in PNG.

Gender violence in relation to the disease, continues behing the closed doors of our families, and communities… resulting in resounding and continued calls by our health authorities for a return to traditional family values and awereness.

On Tok Piksa this evening, we speak to Dr.Paison Dakulala, Deputy Secretary for the National Department of Health. He tells us how important it is for each and every one of us to share responisibility of informing our families of HIV/AIDS, and work toward reducing its prevalence.

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