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March 9, 2021
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The benefits of pottery practice

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by Marie Kauna – EMTV Online, Port Moresby

Dorcas Kana is a young mother from Bilbil village in Madang Province.

Dorcas is now known for her traditional creative artwork of pottery making. She has grown up learning the practice as part of a mother’s expectation of her daughter in preparing her for her future benefits, has gained the knowledge, and today has put into practice what she has learnt

Despite not having a good education background, Dorcas is successful and very proud of her artwork. As a mother, Dorcas earns good income from selling her artwork at local markets to sustain her, and to look after her family.

Dorcas makes varieties of different potteries and this includes clay pots, kettles, water jars, bowls and the flower vase. The sizes also vary and are priced, depending on their sizes. On special events, Dorcas sells out all her produce and looks to making new ones. Her potteries are made from special clay, which she collects around the area. 

The artwork has attracted many tourists both local and international who travel to Bilbil village to purchase her artwork. On special requests made by tourists especially internationals, Dorcas makes the requests and sells them out on very high prices. Her family supports her, while she runs the small business, and today she is a successful woman known in and around the Bilbil area.

Apart from her creativity in making pottery, she also sews clothes to sell. Her small creative industry is blooming and for an expert like Dorcas, she now looks to registering her business. She is very proud of the traditional knowledge she has gained, and how far she has come with the practice. Humble Dorcas is very happy and thankful for the knowledge. Today, the traditional practices has brought good benefits for Dorcas and her family.

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