Teaching Services Commission Calls on National Treasury to Release Funds for Teachers Leave Fares

By Mickey Kavera – EM TV News, Port Moresby

The Teaching Services Commission is concerned about the administration and disbursement of teachers leave fares throughout Papua New Guinea.

As of today only five provinces have furnished reports on the status of the disbursement of teachers leave fares.

The Teaching Services Commission has called on provincial education department and provincial treasuries to ensure teachers leave fares are paid.

The implementation of teachers leave fares has been a concern over the years.

This year is no different, with many teachers throughout Papua New Guinea still awaiting their leave entitlements.

Some of the causes of the delay have been the late release of leave fares money from the treasury and accuracy of teacher information.

Earlier this year, the teaching services commission met with provincial education advisors to find resolutions to this delay.

One of the resolutions was for the National Treasury to release the funds in September or October to provincial treasuries.

However, this is not happening. Baran urged provincial education authorities to coordinate with their national counterparts to ensure the funds for teachers leave fares are remitted.

He clarified that there has never been a 30% cut in teachers leave fares this year. Rather, the 30% is still yet to be remitted by treasury once national revenue picks up and funds become available.

This year the government has appropriated over K33m for teachers leave fares, an increase of K6 million from 2014.

Of this amount 70% which is over K22 million has already been remitted to provincial treasuries.

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