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Teachers: We are Confused

By Julie Badui Owa – EMTV News, Lae


All 27 teachers teaching at Milfordheaven Primary School in Lae have come forward today saying their salaries were deducted over the last three fortnights without any explanations.

Some had K300 deducted.

Yesterday, 33 teachers of Omili Primary School reported that each of them had K200 deducted from their salaries over two fortnights.

The Head Teacher of Milfordhaven Primary School in Lae, John Aguse is one of the 27 teachers whose pays were cut.  After a K400 pay cut, he was  left with K550 in his account.

Mr. Aguse is a father of seven and was posted to Lae this year from Menyamya Primary School.

He is currently renting accommodation here in Lae with his family.

Ani Kwila is a senior teacher, a 41 year veteran if the teaching service who has taught  at Milfordheaven for 22 years.

Today, she asked the Government to explain why she got a pay cut.

Yesterday, 33 teachers from Omili Primary School reported that each of them had K200 from deducted from their salaries over two fortnights.

One of the teachers didn’t receive any pay at all while another had only K10 in her account after the deductions.

The 27 teachers said apart from the current deductions from their salaries, their tax payments have also risen.

For now, the teachers are confused about the deductions made to their salaries for the last three fortnights.

This is because it’s difficult for them to obtain their pay slips using the payroll system that was introduced by the Government in 2016.

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