Teacher and Family Brutalized By Police

A family in June Valley, Port Moresby  have become victims of police brutality.

The fther isthe head teacher of Ororo Primary School, and a longtime member ofthe June Valley community.

John Beia, his wife and a teenager were bashed up by police and locked up at Waigani cell before being transferred to Berokothen released on bail.

Mr. Beia and family members sustained injuries and bruises totheir bodies and are questioning whther police havethe right to enter private premises and attack people.

The incident happened here inthe early hours last Saturday.

Mr. Beia and his family were having a family get togther when police entered and started beating uptheir son.

Mr. Beia and his wife were locked up and released on bail. He says he is scared of police and wantsthe hierarchy to address this situation. The victims were charged for disorderly behaviour and resisting police arrest.

Chairman of Ororo Primary School has also called on police bosses to punish those officers.

A mther inthe community also revealed thatthey were assaulted by members ofthe police force whenthey visitedthe victims.

NCD Metropolitan superintendentoAndy Bewa, says police can only enter private premises to act upon a complaint or whenthey have a search warrant but not in any ther circumstances.

He said he is not aware ofthe incident and wants those victimised to meet him so he can heartheir complaint.

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