Tatana wants clean water supply

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Like every rural electorate inthe country, Tatana Island is looking forward tothe coming Motu Koitabu elections.

The people want an honest and transparent leader who can addresstheir unheard plights of basic services.

Amongtheir priorities is access to clean and adequate water supply.

Mr. Pagu Gaigo has lived in Tatana for more than 50 years. He said he has since not experienced a sustainable government’service sincPNG governed itself.

Althoughthe Tatana people have access to government amenities, it is not enough. One ofthe many challenges is access to clean and adequate water supply.

Men, women and children carry containers of water every day from one water source totheir homes. This exercise is stressful as Mr Gaigo explained.

Tatana village alone has seven candidates vying for the councillor seat. The people are looking forward to better service delivery afterthe elections.


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