Tapini Goods Doubles POM Prices due to Bad Roads

Prices of manufactured goods sold at Tapini in Goilala are doublethe prices in Port Moresby.


This is a result ofthe road condition ofthe major highway from Port Moresby to Tapini.

Retailers saythey are charged eighty-kina (K80) per passenger and an additional twenty-kina ifthey are carrying any form of cargo.


This has beenthe practice for many years.


Though so close tothe nation’s capital, it is described asthe land so far inthe mountains. Tapini Station isthe District Headquarters of one of Central province districts, Goilala.


It is tugged away in betweenthe rugged mountains of Goilala. Assess to government’services has been a struggle for these people giventhe geographical setting.


Despitethese facts, some people like Lucy try to beat all odds by bringing manufactured goods to resell at Tapini market.


Lucy is from a mixed parentage of Goilala and Mendi. She says even though it is tough for her, she travels to Port Moresby by road to purchase her stock.


Lucy explained why she doubledthe prices because she had to meet a transport cost of 240 kina, that’s her plusthe cargo.


However,the visit by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to Tapini onIndependence Monday has brought some hope to individuals like Lucy.


The prime minister said he is well aware ofthe need for an upgrade ofthe Mona Highway andthe government will put money on this priority in coming years.


“If we can provide more money in 2014 budgetoI will make sure that I fight for you Goilala’s and make sure I will work with your member to do so,” O’Neill toldthe Goilala people.

“Bet to start off,the government will make available ten-million kina (K10m) to MP Daniel Mona to startthe work,” he announced.

The initial work for the highway will begin soon but life continuesthe same for Lucy and her people.

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