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Tang Soo Do: Children and Youths Learns Self-defence Skills

Tang Soo Do, Self Discipline Martial Arts atthe Save our Children and Youths Center is a newly formed Martial Art which engages children and youths to participate in self-defence skills.

John Owata Aitsi, who isthe current Tang Soo Do Martial ArtsInstructor, said it is his vision to develop young children in early childhood an instill discipline asthey grow.


Tang Soo Do Martial Arts is a Traditional Original Korean Art. It was introduced in Papua New Guineain 1978 by Master: Shin.  The Martial Art existed from 1978 through to 1998, and after that dlied out.


After 14 solid years, Tan Soo Do was reintroduced in 2013 by former Tang Soo Do studentoJohn Owata.


Mr. Owata’s initiative as a club instructor is to startthe self-defence training to engage unfortunate children, especially children from broken families, school dropouts, street children and youths who are interested.


He also engagesthem in Martial Art Sport.


Tang Soo Do Martial Arts is currently seeking sponsors to helpthem withtheir Club and is accepting assistance from any interested organizations.


It is training, teaching and mouldingthese young people to become better discipline sportsmen and women and also exposingthem tothe world of sports particularly in Martial Arts.


The goal of this Tang Soo Do Self Defence club is to produce 500 disciplined sportsmen and sportswomen in 2015.

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