Tambitanis Isolated

A village councilor in Wabag, Enga Province said working in isolation has beenthe cause of poverty in his village for years.

Lasen Kepas told a visiting delegation fromthe local member’s office that services have not reached many parts ofthe electorate because successive MP’snever worked withthe people.

Mr. Kepas saidthe people not only lack basic goods and services but are illiterate.

Tambitanis is situated between Sirunki, Wabag district and Laiagam in Lagaip-Porgera district. Tambitanis is home to 11 tribes and is central to Maramuni inthe North and Mulisos inthe South.

These arethe most remote and isolated areas of Wabag district andthe local MP has promised to changethem for the better. Staff fromthe Member for Wabag, Robert Ganim’s office visitedthe village on Friday to observe and reportthe situation inthe area.

The local councillor Lasen Kepas toldthem thatthey have been forgotten by successive governments. Mr. Kepas said besidesthe lack of education and health services, illiteracy isthe biggest problem for them.

He said many cannot read information of economic value and find it difficult to obtain loans to start up small businesses or selltheir produce atthe big markets to those onthe road sides.

Mulisos received more than K400, 000.00 for re-opening works ontheir 12 kilometre road.

On Friday,the local MP, committed to purchase an ambulance and generator set for the Tambitanis health centre.

There has been promise for more projects to come for these areas.

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