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Port Moresby
January 24, 2021

Suspected Cholera Outbreak in Belolo Contained

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More than four hundred cases of suspected cholera have been recorded atthe Belolo Health Center. Eighty-six of which are fromthe resettlement care center.


The resettlement care center was established as a camping area for displaced settlers of recent clashes with locals in Belolo.

The center has no toilets or water supply and this has contributed tothe high number of dysentery cases recorded.


For three weeks a large number of children including adults around Belolo were seeking treatment atthe Belolo Health Center for dysentery.


The cases were first suspected to be cholera. Betthe wide spread dysentery is severe diarrhoea.


District Administrator, Tae Gwembalek says thatthe problem has been contained and closed food outlets including food vendors have been allowed to reopen.


“We have allowed banned food bars and street vendors who sell food onthe street to start cooking and selling food again,” he said.

Mr Gwembalek says his concern now is Wau several kilometres away from Belolo, because thirty-two cases have been reported atthe Health Centres outpatient.

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