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January 24, 2021

Surviving Australian Trekkers Described Attack as Betchery

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The seven Australian trekkers and one New Zealander were flown back to Australia on Thursday afterthe terrifying ordeal inthe Beack Cat Track on Tuesday.

Betchery wasthe word Australian trekkers used to describethe brutal attack that left two men dead, Nine News reported.


Bandits armed with machetes, a rifle and a home-made gun attackedthe group asthey camped alongthe Beack Cat Track in Morobe province.


Peter Steven, a survivor, described it as an act of butchery. Six porters were injured inthe “hacking and slashing”.


“The first thingthey did was lay intothe porters, basically hacking and slashing,” told Steven.

Another survivor, Nick Bennettosaid he withnessed a senseless act of murder and butchery.


“I could see one ofthe guys just attackingthe porters with bush knife and it was butchery,” told Bennett.

It was alleged thatthe attackers were drugged with marijuana. – news.ninemsn.com


Meanwhile, members ofthe MS13 mobile squad unit have begun a search for the suspects.


According to police sources,the identities ofthe men are known and arrests are expected to be made soon.

Pictured: Survivor of Beack Cat Track Attack, Australian Trekker, Nick Bennett.
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