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May 6, 2021
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Sunday Money, a Yuwai initiative

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The usual Sunday gathering in Kundiawa includes church services or family gatherings.

One particular gathering that happens in Yuwai within Kundiawa town, Simbu Province, while small, is helping women and men support their families and community.

Every Sunday since 2000, a particular group of church mothers and fathers gather to contribute to help one in the group of 12.

They initially contributed K50, and now contribute K100. A total of K1,200 is given to one, says Kingsford Kalale one of the 3 men in the group.

“Our contributions helps with schools fee, funeral services, any gathering that arises in the community, but at most it helps the family household and informal market they are in,”

“We are all in the informal sector, nobody is employed in the public sector or private. We all have our markets that sustains our living,” says Kingsford Kalale.

Most of their sales derives from fast food, clothing or livestock such like poultry and piggery.

Since 2000, they have grown in terms of their livlihoods. They also aim to increase each contribution from K100 to K300.

“My market once broke down altogether. One Sunday the group got together and decided to contribute to me. They gave me K1,000, with that I bought a second-hand clothing bail. After that I bought chicken, and with the profit I bought pigs. Now, I have built a house and I know that I’ll be able to do more,” says Regina Kalale.

Regina Kalale, the wife of Kingsford Kalale, and even though they are married they contribute separately and receive contribution separately.

Another mother has been able to buy a bus.

All have their own success story, but for most it helps with school fees for their kids.

Most of the mothers look after pigs after they have made profits from their informal market. One Pig sells for K300 to K1,000, depending on their size.

The group not only contributes to one another, they also raise funds for trips. In 2005 they were able to travel to Port Morsbey for their Church women’s convention. They now plan to go to Australia for another church convention.

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