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Sugar App To Monitor Amount Of Sugar

by Marie Kauna – EMTV Online, Port Moresby

Sugar consumption is a daily thing for many and the challenge of stopping is rather a tough prospect for many across the world.

While sugar plays some positive role in the human body, taking too much can pose a threat to one’s health.

Well, here’s one app that can help you, especially parents to monitor the amount of sugar that is taken in by your children. If you want to see your child grow up healthy, the ‘Sugar Smart’ app is for you.

Sugar Smart works by scanning barcodes on each food item that is purchased for consumption.

When scanning, it reveals the total amount of sugar in cubes and grams and helps you know the amount of sugar that will be consumed.

According to Public Health England in its Change4Life campaign, on average, children aged four to 10, consume 22kg added sugar in a year, which is 5,500 sugar cubes.

Given the statistics indicating the danger sugar can have on growing children, the app was developed to raise awareness on sugar to help parents understand the importance of healthy consumption of sugar and to help them monitor what product is good for their children and avoid purchasing food items that may harm the children’s health in the long run.

The health awareness app is very helpful and works on more than 75,000 products.

It is free and can be downloaded from various app stores.



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