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Steven Kobrogi: The One-Handed Carpenter

With a single arm, 60 year old Steven Kobrogi from East Sepik Province is a skilled carpenter.

Steven Kobrogi from Dagua, in the west coast area of East Sepik province is not your average carpenter, with just one arm Kobrogi manages to build homes with very little assistance.

Kobrogi lost his right arm while defending himself from a group of men who broke into his store in 2004. He was rushed by boat to the Butaweng Memorial Hospital in Finschhafen where his hand was amputated.

For 12 years now he has learned to adapt to his new way of life and with a little improvisation he has managed to use one arm to build a career in carpentry and trade.

Steven’s most recent work was building two permanent homes at Erima, here in the nation’s capital. He may be getting older but he has the passion and drive to do what he loves and that’s the driving force behind his work.

Despite the loss of his hand and other lifestyle changes which have affected him in one way or another, he still continues to do what he loves.

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