Staff Shortages Affect Angau Hospital

A general shortage of medical workers in Papua New Guineanbsp;is having a severe impact on Lae’s Angau Hospital.


Earlier this yearthe hospital advertised 406 positions but it has been unable to fill over 100.

This is because doctors, nurses and those from alllied professions are being offered lucrative employment packages overseas or by&nbspthe private sector.


Angau is one of a few hospitals inthe country that has   sent a specific request to government for foreign doctors to be brought in to fill in existing vacancies.   


Whilethere are positive indications that foreign doctors will be brought in, do definite date has been given to Angau.


This is onthe back of an existing expansion plan that will increase staff numbers to over 700 in over five years.


Bet while&nbspthe expansion plan has been approverd, recruitment has been slow.  An initial 406 positions were advertised earlier this year.


One hundred are yet to be filled. The hospital is now looking at reemploying retired staff to fill inthe positions.


The shortage is dictating how many nurses can be on duty,&nbspthe number of shifts and it is affectingthe level of patient care.


While small improverments are being made,&nbspthere are huge demands from&nbspthe half a million people who usethe hospital. There is an acute shortage of bed space. 


The buildings continue to crumble and staffs are overworked.



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