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May 14, 2021

Spot Fine to be Imposed

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The buai ban conducted along the Hiritano Highway in Central Province has now been lifted.

However, NCDC has come up with a new strategy to deal with betel nut spittle and rubbish generated from the betel nut trade.

NCDC Deputy City Manager and the Controller of the Buai Ban, Honk Kiap, announced a K500 spot fine for those caught chewing betel nut without proper disposal methods.

It will be effective as of Monday next week.

The initiative of the buai ban by the National Capital District Commission has come a long way since its inception.

Despite the ban being imposed in 2013, betel nut traders are still conducting business in and out of the city.

“The highway road checks are now lifted. Betel-nut can be sold at wholesale distribution, however it will be in specific areas around the city. At the moment, only the Motu Koita villages are exempted from this,” said Kiap.

Betel nut selling is allowed by the NCDC, however, Mr Kiap says the betel nut spittle and rubbish has ruined the image of the city.

Mr Kiap said random roadblocks will be held around the city and they will be inspecting public and private vehicles.

“During that time, have a K300 available, you will be charged under the Summary Offences Act. The spot fine will be applicable and if you don’t have the K500, you will be charged the Summary Offences Act for littering in public,” he said.

The ban on public chewing is applicable to everyone around the city, excluding the Motu Koita villages.

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