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Sports Scene – Episode 35, 2015

In this episode:

Sports Scene brings to us highlights on Oil Search support with the National Football Stadium, Sports Minister Justin Tkatchenko’s suport for Central Rugby Union code, and an interview with the the President of Goroka Soccer Association.

Oil Search has confirmed its support to work closely with the PNG Football Association, President David Chung, to finalize arrangements for the National Football Stadium, for the FIFA U-21 World Cup in November 2016,

The announcement of the National Football Stadium, comes after FIFA’s concerns on whether or not the stadium will be completed on time and if the stadium would meet the FIFA requirement.

Sports Minister, Justin Tkatchenko in a press conference at the Ela Beach Hotel, with Vice president Labi Amaiu, have presented some financial support to the Capital Rugby Union.

Cathy Agunam is the President of Goroka Soccer Association. We interview Cathy on the growth and development of the code in the Highlands Region.

Watch video for more on this episode of Sports Scene.

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