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They kicked off their New Year’s Operations yesterday, with road blocks around the city. More than fifty drivers have been locked up at various police stations around the city, and their vehicles impounded. Most of them taxi drivers.


Most of the drivers were locked up and spent the night in the cells for unlicensed, unregistered and intoxicated driving. Some had passengers drinking in the vehicle, while some of the impound taxi’s number plates were not genuine.


NCD Metropolitan Police Superintendent, Andy Bawa, today said police will be coming down hard on drivers driving around illegally.   


He said most of the vehicles are not even road worthy and have been driving around illegally for a long time.


Even though there have been numerous road blocks nothing has been done and questioned why these vehicles have been permitted to run. 


He said he will sit down with the relevant authorities to make sure this is eradicated and by 2014 there should only be road worthy vehicles on the roads.


He called on all drivers to put their lives and the lives of their passengers first and warned them not to get intoxicated.


Deputy Police Commissioner, Simon Kauba, also shared the same sentiments


The Met Supt then went and talked with the drivers being locked up, encouraging them to change their mindset come 2014 and not to repeat the same behaviour.


He said they must help the police to make sure we all live and abide by the laws of the country.


The taxi drivers also raised concerns on the relevant authorities delaying their taxi licence plate numbers causing them to drive around illegally.


So far there hasn’t been any major incident in the city.


The Met Sutp thanked the city residents for their support and asked them to carry that attitude into the New Year.

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