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March 7, 2021

Specialist Service: A Need For PNG Health Department

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The Papua New Guinea government needs to look into implementing a dedicated specialist policy in the area of health and medicine.

Dame Carol Kido raised this concern in an interview with EMTV.


“If there is a specialist service policy in place, it will attract government funding,” she’said.


This will provide help for desperate parents and families whose only resort today, is to raise money to take their loved ones offshore for treatment.


The current focus of our Health Department is on primary, preventive and curative health care. But with a dedicated specialist policy in place, this will address specific patient needs in certain health areas.


Records show that each year, more people travel overseas to seek specialist health services, simply because the same service is not offered, or available in PNG. 


The Sir Buri Kidu Heart Foundation is one organization in the country that diagnoses and gives awareness on heart-related diseases.  


Lady Kidu also acknowledged the work PNG doctors do, despite the glaringly obvious lack of proper medical equipment in our hospitals.  


Kevlynn Komun is one of many patients diagnosed with an Open Heart disease. The absence of a cardinal specialist in PNG has forced Kevlynn to receive medical treatment abroad.

Her fundraising dinner will be held this Sunday at Gateway Hotel in Port Moresby, to raise funds to assist with her medical expenses.  


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