Special taskforce team

by Bridgette Komatep – EM TV, Port Moresby

Police in NCD say they are yet to investigate the assault of a G4S guard by Chinese nationals at Nine Mile in Port Moresby, as the matter has yet to be formally reported.

Although the matter received public outcry on social media, police in NCD maintain that if a formal report was made, only then would they investigate the matter.

The incident, which occurred last year, prompted calls to revive the Special Task Force Team previously set up to investigate illegal businesses and the influx of illegal immigrants in the country.

Since EM TV’s coverage of the brutal attack on a G4S security guard by Chinese nationals last month, there have been no investigations into the incident to date because of the incident being unreported. The office of the Acting Chief of NCD Police Operations has confirmed that no government authority has attended to the incident.

In December 2014, public anger escalated on social media, particularly the Voice of PNG group. Papua New Guineans posted comments asking why there has been an increase of foreign businesses operating in the country and why citizens were being mistreated by them. The incident drew attention to the group commonly known as the Immigration Taskforce, responsible for investigating illegal immigrants, work permit breaches and human smuggling.

The taskforce was coordinated by John Bria, with support from officers from multi-agencies comprising of police, immigration and the National Intelligence Organisation.

In 2012, EM TV ran a series of reports on the arrest and deportation of illegal immigrants who were deported back to their country of origin. An immigration taskforce was set up, but has since been dissolved; however, with the growing influx of foreign businesses and recent assault of a G4S guard, there have been calls to re-engage Immigration Taskforce or ‘Rausim Alien’.

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