SP Brewery Launches Export Art Series Competition, Ends June 8th

By Godwin Eki – EMTV News, Port Moresby

Two million cans of SP Export Lager, that’s about eighty three thousand cartons will be produced, with each can showcasing intricate designs of indigenous art from each of the twenty two provinces. Artists from around the country will compete to get their traditional designs branded on twenty two limited cans of South Pacific SP Export Lager.

The purpose of the competition is to celebrate the best of PNG through its great cultures, land, agriculture, people and its local art and designs.

SP Brewery Marketing Manager, Josh Wheeler, says the platform is provided for artists to, not only take pride in their work, but also to expose their art. He conveyed that SP Brewery is delighted to say regardless of its status, it is grounded culturally in PNG, where it was born and brewed for more than 30 years.

Mr Wheeler says he is looking forward to seeing many entries from around the country. He says it is a fantastic platform to promote and take pride in PNG’s diverse cultures, at a time when the eyes of the world will be upon PNG, with the APEC summit happening on our soil.

A total of K22,000 will be given away to 22 winning artists from each province. The competition was launched today and will run until the 8th of June. Names of the winners will be announced at the end of the competition, where each winner will walk away with a thousand kina.

Godwin Eki

has been a Sports Reporter since he started work with Media Niugini Limited in 2013, under News and Production. Coming from a background in Nursing and Paramedics from Queensland, Australia, he finds it interesting covering sports from the community level right through to the regional level. Hoping to one day tap into reporting on PNG politics, economics, environmental issues and other challenges Papua New Guineans face, he’s also covered stories on a variety of topics other than sports. His philosophy is: Believe, Act and Pursue.

Godwin Eki
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