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Southern Highlands winds down on counting

Counting continues for the Southern Highlands region today. Some results have shown changes in the placing for Kagua-Erave Open and Ialibu-Pangia Open, while placing for the regional seat, Imbongu and Mendi Open remained the same with increasing number of votes.

Still in a huge lead is Prime Minister Peter O’Neill with 38,007 votes making a big difference of 32,571 from his opponents.

Meanwhile, counting for the province is said to be winding down and results expected to be made this this afternoon or by tomorrow morning.

These are the Progressive Results for the province;

For the Southern Highlands Regional seat after count 70, William Powi (PNC) is leading with 12,369 votes, followed by Joseph Kobol (Independent) with 10,243 votes and Vincent Mirupasi (Independent) 6465.

In Imbongu Open after  count 23, Francis Awesa (PNC) is in the lead with 4597 votes, followed by Pila Nininga (Independent) with 4158 votes and Steven Temo (THE Party) with 2427 votes.

For the Mendi Open after count 36, Ps Issac Joseph (PNG Party) is leading with 7926 votes, followed by Terry Gaso (THE Party) with 6445 votes and Philipus Maso Hapon (Independent) with 6054.

In Kagua-Erave Open, after count 40, Aiya James Lagea (Independent) is in the lead with 6568 votes, followed by Albert Apuka Noria (Independent) with 3676 votes and replacing Japhet John Yano (Independent) in the third place is David Basua (People’s National Congress Party) with 3114 votes.

For the Ialibu Pangia Open Electorate after count 83, Peter O’Neill (PNC) is leading with 32,796 votes, followed by Raphael Noipo (Independent) with 5260 which replaces Eke Lama (Independent) who is now in the third place with 5252.

Meantime, declaration of the winner is yet to be made after all counting for the province is done.

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