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Somare visits Mul Baiyer

The Grand Chief has promised to arrest all members of the O’Neill Namah cabinet who took part in voting to change various provisions of the constitution.

He announced this while supporting his candidate, Sani Rambi who is contesting to defend his Mul-Baiyer Open seat.

Sir Michael is on a campaign tour supporting National Alliance candidates in a bid to form government after the elections.

Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare was in Mul Baiyer on Wednesday to support his candidates contesting under the National Alliance banner.

Before proceeding with his speech, he thanked God for his recovery and admitted he passed out for almost seven hours in Singapore before he regained consciousness.

He is now healthy and active to take part in politics as seen in this pictures and the first thing he will do when he returns to power is to imprison those members of the O’Neill Namah cabinet who voted to change various sections of the constitution.

He added that a warrant has already been out to arrest Belden Namah.

He therefore said he needed coalition partners to form the next government and asked the people of Mul Baiyer and Western Highlands to vote for his other partners who include the National Party, Pangu Party, People’s United Resource Party and People’s Party.

Sir Michael also said he will ensure all changes made to the constitution are reversed when he gets back in power. This includes the free education policy.

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