Solar Annular Eclipse Visible in Port Moresby

Residents of Port Moresby today were treated to a rare sight that occurs once every 7.26 years- an annular eclipse ofthe sun.

It began at 7:31am and ended at 10:37am.  At 8:54am,the maximum eclipse time, 95 percent ofthe sun was covered bythe moon in an annular eclipse.   The eclipse lasted for 3 hours, 6 minutes, 27seconds.

An annular eclipse occurs whenthe edge ofthe sun remains visible as a bright ring aroundthe moon.

The astral event could be viewed fromthe nothern parts of Australia, Solomon Islands, Gilbert Islands andthe Easternthe part of Papua New Guinea Australia, New Zealand andIndonesia were able to view a partial eclipse.

The next eclipse that will be visible from Port Moresby will take place onthe 19’s up>th of October, 2013 and will be a partial lunar eclipse.  The next solar annular eclipse will not occur until December 26, 2019.


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