Sogeri National High Undergoes Major Facelift

By Eric Haurupma (UPNG Journalism Student) – EM TV,  Port Moresby 

As the academic year is approaching, Sogeri National High School in the Kairuku Hiri Electorate of Central Province is undergoing a major facelift through its infrastructure development.

This phase of work saw the renovation of the school’s administration block, and the erection of several new buildings.

Meanwhile, more maintenance work is needed to improve run down toilets and messing facilities.

While this rehabilitation project is underway, the school is lacking adequate water supply and resource materials for the students.

With the current phase of developments underway, Sogeri National High School future looks promising for students to achieve academic excellence.

Since 2010 former Principle Benny Rayappan through his stewardship, has delivered successful projects in the school.

However, limited resource materials like textbooks are affecting students’ learning. Senior Teacher Damien Huafe said inadequate water supply is also a concern for them.

“Over the years, they have been using limited supply of textbooks for learning. They have also used untreated water from the nearby Iarowari River for washing.

“However, tanks are limited for use,” he said.

To date, they have been using only two tanks to collect rain water for cooking and drinking.

With rundown messing facilities senior teacher Peter Huafe said rats often spoil the rations through the holes in the buildings.

Limited spacing causes students to overcrowd in dining tables. That is eight students to a table.

Firewood is predicament in the area due to its scarcity. Huafe said students find it difficult to collect firewood because of vast savanna vegetation.

Inadequate water supply is also posing health risks for the students. Meanwhile, there is high probability of obtaining contagious diseases like typhoid, cholera and dysentery from this untreated water.

However, with more plans for this school’s development, the K10 million kina funded by the National Government will be used to carry out major rehabilitation works.

The scope of maintenance saw an administration block, several classrooms upgraded and two male and female dormitories erected. Now construction work is still underway in males’ ablution blocks and dormitories.

Pantreid Construction Ltd has been carrying out major renovation and construction works on the male toilets, dormitories, and the school’s canteen and car park.

Sogeri National High School Carpenter, Bemuri Koeari said the school administration thanked the Prime Minister’s office for assisting with K10 million for this school infrastructure development.

Concurrently this money is used for the school’s rehabilitation project. This year the school is expecting an increase of 600 student intake.

Deputy Principle Academic Kive Kererembo said this project is believed to be completed before the school begins by February 6th.

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