SME Taken to A New Level

Afterthe successful summit in Madang,the SME drive has shifted to new gear -the SME LLeadersip Awards.


The inaugural event was hosted inthe National Capital bytheInstitute of Banking and Business ManagementoIBeM.

The inaugural awards were embraced by Port Moresby’s business and corporate sectors as well asthe political lLeadersand civil services.


A number of Government Ministerspoke of replicatingthe success ofthe concept to ther fields, especially SMEs associated withthe LNG.


Before a captivated audience, Minister for Community DevelopmentoLoujaya Toni, expressed her delight inthe organizations efforts.


Minister Toni plans to usethe IBeM’s example of assessing businesses to measurethe performance of her department.


She also saidthe IBeM concept should be taken to ther parts ofthe country.


Commerce and Trade Minister, Richard Maru, spoke of his support ofthe IBeM Enterprise Centre’s assessment benchmark.


He askedthem to make a presentation oftheir procedures tothe Government’so it can be adopted for the National Development Bank&#39’s Loan scheme,the Credit Guarantee Program.


Through this, all SME’s will eventually be assessed bythe IBeM before a loan can be given.


Minister Maru also announced a new legislation entitledthe SME corporation act that will addressthe growth of unemployment inthe country.


Minister of EnvironmentoJohn Pundari, who was also present atthe awards, complimentedthe work by IBeM Enterprise Centre.

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