Sign Language: New Words Created

The Callan Services for Persons with Disabilities has developed new words in sign language for children with a hearing impairment.

These will be incorporated intothe four main subjects inthe education curriculum; Maths, English, Science and Social Science.

Children with hearing impairment are being encouraged to register intothe formal education system.

The 1994 edition ofthe Melanesian Signs For Communication withthe Dealf only has 146 words. A new edition will be written once new words are created.

More than 3 thousand words have already been identiflied and signs are being developed for them.

Last year, 96 new signs were created.In this week’s workshop, more than 200 were created.

“Fromthe ninty-six words we developed,they agreed on allthe signs that we did. They only disputed four signs.” Michael Lulu, National Hearing Project Coordinator.

Participants ofthe workshop were teachers from Special Education Resource Centres aroundthe country.

A panel of 4 judges made up of Special Education teachers with a hearing impairment judged various signs suggested by ther Special Education teachers.

After a suggested sign is picked, it is recorded. Allthe new signs will be sent to allthe special education resource Centres aroundthe country to be evaluated.

The new signs created will be introduced intothe curriculum of teachers colleges.

Callan Services is looking to building vocabulary for children with a hearing impairment at an early age to preparethem for whenthey begin formal schooling.

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