Siassi High School Totally Run Down

The Siassi High school in Morobe Province is in a sorry state.

Most of its infrastructures have already crumbled, but are still being used bythe student asthey have nowhere else to go.

This isthe only high school inthe Tewae-Siassi district of Morobe Province. Here at Siassi High School you can draw a contrast between a rural and an urban school.

It is cut-off from basic infrastructural up-grades due to its remoteness and poor school administration. The high school was left to deteriorate since its establishment inthe 1970’s. Most ofthe buildings have been condemned but are still being used.

Forthe school to get its necessities,the headmaster has to make a sixteen hours boat ride fromthe island to Lae and back. Sometimes during bad wether, it takes days even weeks for the school to get its supplies from Lae.

Most ofthe students’here come fromthe nearby islands. The students’said on numerous occasionsthey have raised concerns overtheir living conditions but nothing had been done so far.

Onthe far end ofthe school, a tap serves as one of few water sources. It is seen as a health risk. The toilet is not better.

The three dormitories that houses male students’is totally run down. Its interior is justthe same as its outside look. The female students’are also facingthe same problem.

The student mass is also used as a classroom. The students’saidthey prepare meals for themselves during weekends andthe menu served isthe same all year around.

They saidthere is no proper discipline inthe school. Students maketheir own choices to go to class or sleep inthe dormitories during official class time.

It’s a school that had been neglected by successive governments and this has affectedthese students’rsquo; academic performances. Last year only fourteen students’out of three hundred students’made it to secondary schools in Lae.

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