Siassi Clinic Totally Rundown:Workers still Strive

Health service delivery continues to be a major problem on Siassi Island in Morobe province.

Siassi Island has only one health clinic operating which is located onthe Lablab Station.  It is run bythe Ltheran Health Services and serves over twenty thousand people a year.

The structure ofthe outpatient’s clinic is in a relatively good condition but it hides a bigger problem that has playedthe people on Siassi Island for more than two decades.

To make sure that health services onthe island is maintained, Clinic Health Workers like Mobai Samson tracked for several hours on foot or by boat to bring services to those who needs it.

Some ofthe patients who visitedthe clinic can’t be served due tothe shortage of medical equipment and supplies and are referred to bigger hospitals like Angau in Lae; and to getthere it requires a twelve hours boat ride.

Because ofthe distant to Lae andthe clinic being under resourced some patients never make it tothe hospital.

The medical statistics thatthe clinic keeps are of those patients who come to seek treatment and of those who dlied atthe clinic; those who never make it tothe clinic remain unknown.

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