Shelter Kits for Tribal Conflict Communities

By Michelle Amba – EM TV News, Tari

A total of 247 families affected by a tribal conflict in Tari, Hela Province, have been supported with shelter kits.

These families had their houses burnt down and looted during a tribal fight in December last year.

This support is one of the activities implemented by the International Committee of the Red Cross in areas affected by conflicts.

The tribal conflict in Kitiga 2, between two sub-clans living in the outskirts of Tari town destroyed lives of many families.

More than 200 houses were either burnt down or looted by enemies.

The International Committee of the Red Cross or ICRC, through its assistance intervention program, has had countless talks with community leaders to support families affected.

ICRC’s Field Delegate for Hela, Thomas Rogale, says there has to be numerous dialogue with community leaders before they can access the communities affected by the tribal conflict.

“The assessment has allowed ICRC to identify the number of houses affected, we have to go there and see with our own eyes before supplying the kits,” said Thomas.

On the 23rd of March, more than 270 shelter kits were distributed to families from both sides affected.

Each shelter kit composed of three blankets, a mosquito net, one complete shelter kit, kitchen set and a sleeping mat.

ICRC has also supported families from other sub-clans who did not take part in the fight but had their houses destroyed.

ICRC has been working in Hela Province since 2011 but constantly since 2014, it has also supported communities in other tribal conflicts in Hela and Southern Highlands.

The assistance intervention is the first step, however there are other programs that ICRC will continue in these communities after assessment and dialogue with leaders.

These includes awareness sessions on fundamental principles of the International Humanitarian Law, activities supporting access to water and sanitation, health care and first aid training.

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