Sex Offenders are Getting Younger in Lae

By Colleen Barilae – EM TV, Lae

Criminal investigators from the Lae Central Police Station, say there is a shift on the ages of young boys involved in sexual offences. 

They revealed that this was a direct result of younger children having access to pornographic materials online. 

They said most cases, which are reported to the Sexual Offence Unit, are committed by boys in lower primary schools.

Michelle Sibong, a criminal investigator with the Sexual Offence Unit of Lae’s metropolitan command, confirmed that they have dealt with cases of young boys sexually assaulting younger girls.

She says, sexual offence cases committed by young boys today are the end result of boys being exposed to pornographic sites on the internet.

14 sexual offence cases get reported to Lae police station every month. A portion of these cases are committed by boys as young as 14 to 15 years old.

Due to the link between the easy access to more pornographic materials by young boys and the increase in sexual offence by the same age group of boys, parents are urged by criminal investigators to be more vigilant about their daughters’ safety.

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