Several injured and 1 dead in Security clashes

More than seven people have been injured and at least one reportedly killed in clashes between two security firms in Lae City.

Guards from Executive Security Systems (ESS) and Guard Dog Security clashed on Tuesday night after verbal confrontations at 11-mile outside of Lae City.

ESS guards shot live rounds at Guard Dog vehicles and Guard Dog workers retaliated causing damage to property and injuries to ESS guards in various locations.

It’s not clear how many people in total have been injured on both sides. Guard Dog Security; however, have beenthe first to speak out aboutthe clashes.

A Guard Dog Security guard Dennis Sui said gunshots were fired just as he was finishing guard postings at 11-mile.

On one ofthe hammered vehicles was evidence of large bug shots from a shot gun. Nobody onthe vehicle was seriously hurt butthe damage will costthe company up to K2 million.

ESS boss, Be ndan Wills who arrived from Port Moresby’saidthe incident began after ESS guards trlied to apprehend five Guard Dog members tothe police for drinking on a premises guarded bythem.

ESS maintains alltheir weapons withdrawn whenthe fighting started.

ESS Management said property guarded bythem was damaged by Guard Dog Security.

Guard Dog’s General Manager, Peter Aigilo who also arrived from Port Moresby’said his brand new vehicle was rammed by anther as he was trying to resolvethe matter withthe ESS Operations Manager.

Not only have guards been injured; a young man who takes care of Guards Dog colonels was abducted and beaten allegedly by ESS guards. He escapes with his injuries to his shoulder.

Managers of both companies will meet to try to resolvethe issue. Meanwhile, guards from both companies have been asked to return to work.

Scott Waide, National EMTV News – LAE

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