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Serena Williams: 19 Grand Slams and Counting

By Hera Hoi – EM TV Online

American Tennis Player, Serena Williams, has proved once again to be at the top of Women’s Singles Tennis beating out 27 year old Russian, Maria Sharapova in Saturday’s match to snatch her sixth Australian Open title.

The 33 year old American world number one crushed Russia’s Sharapova by winning in straight sets and bringing her Grand Slams titles to a total of 19.

Although she wasn’t feeling well and left the court to vomit in the first set, Serena served to win an exciting match at the Melbourne Park.

The American’s victory speech was a heartfelt one as she had nothing but Thankyou’s for all those who had supported her from her Coach Patrick, Her Opponent Maria, family and friends, sponsors, to all her fans. But for the most part, she was grateful to ‘Jehovah God’ for the keeping her ‘strong’ and ‘healthy’.

“I just said prayers, not to win but to be strong and to be health healthy and in the end I was able to come through so I have to give glory to him first and foremost,” a humbled Williams said.

“I also have to congragulate Maria who played a wonderful match tonight. She really really pushed me tonight and she played so well and gave us a great final, not only for you guys [Fans] but for Women’s Tennis and just for all the Sponsors that support our Sport and support all of us and so I’m really honoured that I got to play you in the finals so thank you very much,” said the American.

An honoured Serena, while accepting her 19th championship award spoke of her humble beginnings and her ‘rich’ support system that has brought her this far.

“You know growing up.. I grew up.. I wasn’t the richest but I had a rich family in spirit and support and you know standing here with 19championships is something I never thought would happen,” she continued.

When speaking of her journey to land at where she is today, she acknowledged that she started out with ‘with just a ball and a racket and a hope’ and she sent out encouragements to those who had dreams of nothing but mastering their art and becoming the best.

“I went on the courts with just a ball and a racket a hope and that’s all I had and its inspiring for all you guys out there that wanna do something and wanna be the best you can be and wanna do the best you can do, you just never give up coz you never know what can happen, you never know who you can inspire and who you can influence so I just, I’m so honoured,” she said while trying not to burst into tears.

“I cannot leave without thanking my friends and my family and my coach Patrick for getting me through this. You really believed in me Patrick – there are moments when I did not believe in me and you really were able to help me get through this two weeks and everything so I’m so grateful to have you in life and on my team and to everyone else in my box. ”

While she received numerous congratulatory messages for her momentous achievement through social media, her tweet afterwards was dedicated especially to her dear family.

“Daddy, Mommy, Venus, Isha, and Lyn. Thanks for being such a great support system, and for making my dreams come true. Love you all,” Serena Tweeted after winning the Women’s titles in the 2015 Australian Open.

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