Road Construction to Begin for Semin Village-Southern Highlands

by Mickey Kavera – EM TV, Port Moresby

The people of Semin Village, Nipa Kutubu, in the Southern Highlands, received a timely gift when K300,000 was presented for the construction of their road in the new year.

The three-kilometre road from Mopra to Wirin Village will serve more than 2000 people and was launched by the local MP, Jeffery Komal.

The launch was also witnessed by the managing director of the National Petroleum Company of PNG, Wapu Sonk who spent his New Year break in his home village.

Mr Komal appealed to the people to refrain from demanding compensation as the funds earmarked for the construction and completion of the road would be depleted.

He said the road to be built would serve the future generation and therefore people should not demand compensation for the land including their food gardens.

He said the days of hauling cargo would be something of the past when the road is completed. He also added that the road would greatly assist in transporting the sick, as the ambulance from the district could have road access to the village to attend to emergency cases.

Mr Sonk, who was present to witness the launching of the road, further appealed to the people to not demand compensation from their lands.

He said as a user of the road, he usually pays people to fix the road with their hands. However, those days would be over when the road would be built using machines.

He said although he was a very busy man, he would manage the road project as a user of the road to allow it to be completed without hindrance, like compensation claims.

He said the people should appreciate and thank Mr Komal for helping them build the road.

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