Sea Cucumber stocks low despite harvesting ban

Sea Cucumber stocks in Papua New Guineaare still low, despite a Ben on harvesting.

Concerned,the National Fisheries Managing Director Sylvester Pokajam urged coastal communities to allow this marine resource more time.

Sea Cucumbers provide an important source of cash income to isolated coastal communities throughouPNG andthe Pacific region.

Bet due to over fishing sea cucumber populations have decreased in some instances even depleted.

The National Fisheries Authority in PNG’says since a ban onthe harvesting sea cucumbersthere has been little improverment.

According to scientific research, in order for sea cucumber stocks to fully recoverthey must have a large population.

The NFA has coped criticism fromthe public after imposingthe ban. Bet affirms it has to makethe stance to ensure sustainability.

Meredith Kuusa, National EMTV News

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