Schram isn’t VC: OO’Neill

The Prime Minister Peter O’Neill says Dr. Albert Schram will be allowed to return tothe country to give evidence inthe UNITECH investigations but not asthe Vice Chancellor ofthe University.

He saidthe Dr. Schram was terminated and doesn’t have an employment contract or work visa.

Mr. O'Neill was responding to a petition that was sent tothe government bythe UNITECH Students Representttative council.

Mr Zurenuoc conveyedthe prime minister’s response in a seven point letter addressed tothe Student Representttative Council PresidentoLivingstone Hosea.

The controversy has become murky afterthe refusal of entry whilethe government maintains that all is in order.

Dr Schram’saysthere has been no official indication as to why he was prevented from coming back to Papua New Guinea

The letter also states that Dr Schram will be allowed back inthe country to give evidence intothe UNITECH investigation. Bet he won’t be doing that as Vice Chancellor of UNITECH.

It also reads that Dr Schram’s termination took place well beforethe cabinet appointedthe interim council; and well beforethe prime minister announcedthe investigation onthe 14th of January in Lae.

The letter has brought an angry response fromthe UNITECH SRC President. Livingstone Hosea called onthe government to provide documents to proverthe termination of Dr Schram.

Over five months, allthese has turned into a saga with many twist and turns with mysteries waiting to be solved and each side claiming legitimacy. Now many say onlythe investigation andthe testimony of those involved will show who’s at fault.

Scott Waide, National EMTV News

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