Sandaun: Protesters Hand 8 Point Petition to Provincial Government

Hundreds of frustrated people gthered yesterday in a protest march held in Vanimo town to present an 8 point petition tothe Sandaun Provincial Government and elected lLeaders

Mthers also took part inthe march demanding answers from political and administrative lLeaders One mther expressed frustration overthe lack of proper facilities such as a proper water supply and a clean market.


The group shouted insults attheir lLeaderswhile proceeding to presenttheir petition.


Spokesman, Samuel Kime challengedthe acting governor to sidelinethe provincial treasurer and order an immediate investigation into claims of funds misuse.


The 8 point petition included a call to investigate incomplete projects withinthe vicinity of Vanimo town, and a long over-due water supply project in Vanimo.


The document addressed tothe 4 open members and provincial administrator, Henry Norm, was presented to acting Governor, Paul Negai.


Mr. Negai is acting asthe governor afterthe National Court recently ruledthe election of Amkat Mai null and void.


The acting governor saidthe people have exercisedtheir constitutional rights, but he saidthe response will be made later after consultation withthe members of parliament.

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