Polytechnic Institute Rundown Dormitories

by Colleen Barilae – EM TV Lae

The standoff has brought to light the crumbling state of infrastructures at the Polytechnic Institute. More than 200 female students continue to live in rundown dormitories.

The petition presented on Monday highlights the deteriorating state of the institution such as the female dormitories.

One of the five female dormitories at Lae’s Polytechnic Institute was featured to be operating on a poor state. It houses over 40 female students, but it is a structure that is slowly falling apart.

Esther Matthew is a first year Business student. She lives in her twin share room with four other female students.

Though they have been working hard to get good grades, they have also been living with the struggles of coping with the run down state of their room.

Esther’s room is an example of the poor state of living condition faced by students at the Polytechnic Institute.

Much of their buildings look unsafe, but are still being used. Inside the ablution blocks, the sinks are broken.

Some of the power switches are broken and parts of the walls are rotten. 

The run down state of the dormitories have prompted a weeklong boycott that seeks to attract administrative attentions into fixing the problem.

Much of the buildings in the institution were built many years ago, but over the years, not much work have been carried out to make them fit to use.

The institution receives K100, 00 per year as operational funds.

Run down infrastructures like the female dormitories highlights the reasons behind the current boycott.

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