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Roads, school promised for Deyamos LLG in Morobe

Today, several kilograms of coffee are being packed into a plane from North Coast Aviation. This is the only airline that flies into these parts.

On days when the weather is bad, the coffee would not get out of Yalumet, the headquarters of the Deyamos Local Level Government area of the Kabwum District in Morobe Province. Days ago when the people celebrated Independence, it felt like some hope had returned.

The new Kabwum MP, Patrick Basa, arrived on a chopper. His welcome much like that of any other PNG politician, loud and joyous with Basa emerging from the helicopter with an almost regal wave.

A new road is being promised; and a new High school.

Funding allocations were made just recently. In front of a large crowd, Basa made the announcement.

“A place will bring a machine and land here. We will start building a road.”

Deyamos is difficult to get to. The only airline that has shown any commitment and consistency despite the rising costs to business has been North Coast Aviation (NCA). Chief pilot, Thomas Keindip, is from the Kabwum District. It has been a personal mission to fly into his district daily.

The New Kabwum MP, Patrick Basa, was the LLG president at Deyamos before running for the Kabwum seat left vacant after Bob Dadae became PNG’s Governor General.

“We don’t have a road. We don’t have a secondary school. We don’t even have a district hospital.”

Basa ran as a candidate for the Christain Democratic Party led by former Morobe Governor, Kelly Naru. After the elections, he joined the PNC-led camp and after the formation of government, was given the Fisheries Ministry.

He believes a road will be built while he is in office. It is a mammoth task that will need government commitment. He is confident that he will get the support he needs.

Every year on the 16th of September, the people gather for independence celebrations. It is usually, a dismal event they are made to commemorate.

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