Road Link to reduce Maternal andInfant Mortality

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After more than 40 years sincethe first roads were built into Beana inthe Morobe province, people in some ofthe most inaccessible areas are being linked to health and education services.

The Morobe Governor Kelly Naru officiated at a ceremony yesterday last Friday to markthe start of roadwork. 


The road will connect villages in Nambut to Beana Station. It is a small but significant development that is expected to boost incomes   and reducethe high infant and maternal mortality rate.


The people say that for far too longthey have had to walk great distances through tough terrain seeking medical treatment and oftenthe sick die onthe way tothe Health Centre.


“We have had to walk great distances to get to Health Services and ther way many have dlied inthe past,” said a woman who has seen her fair share of women dying during childbirth complications. 


“We have had to carry coffee as camels before,the road will certainly help us,” said a coffee farmer.

One ofthe driving forces behind this recent development isthe 400 member Neknasi Coffee Corporative – a group that recently got an export license and is currently on its way to setting up its own coffee factory.


Morobe Province has had to battle tough road conditions for years and its remote areas arethe worst affected.

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