Road Development for Nawaeb District, Morobe

by Edwin Fidelis – EM TV, Lae

Nawaeb District in the Morobe, will be one of the first districts in the province to spend more than K50 million on roads alone.

The district believes that building new roads will open doors for more developments, to go into the district.

Nawaeb is situated within landlocked areas of the Sarawaget range, making it one of the most difficult places to live in, with no road access. The only means of accessing the villages is on foot.
About 7,000 people are scattered within small hamlets along mountains and plateaus.

Nawaeb is also a coffee growing region, contributing about a third of the total coffee production of Morobe.

Census estimates put the total population of Nawaeb at 10,000.

Much of its villages are isolated and shares the provincial boundary with Madang province.

In the last 10 years, the struggle for the Nawaeb people has been entirely on good roads.

“The people of Nawaeb have suffered enough…there’s nothing much happening here,” the local MP Gisuwat Siniwin said.

In an attempt to put an end to transportation problems, the district has invested more than K30 million on building new roads.

The people know all too well that good roads means adequate service delivery in the areas of education, health and economy.

Political leaders and bureaucrats are viewed by the people as the deliverer of services. If the current Nawaeb District Administration succeeds in linking villages with good roads, they would have achieved more than what their predecessors achieved in previous years.

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